• What's Happening?!

    You may be wondering where we have been? SUMMER CAMP 2014!  This summer was an incredibly awesome summer of kids, music, laughter, art, heat, dance, food, drama, water games, and most importantly, Christ. Each and ever year, it is amazing to see the Lord provide staff and money to run another summer of UA camps. This 7th summer was no exception. We were able to run four camps with nearly 200 kids. The theme of camp was based on Ephesians 6:10-18 this summer. "SUIT UP". Put on your full armor and prepare for battle. As the campers rotated to their classes each day and at the end of each week they put on a stellar performance. For more pictures and videos pop over to our facebook page! We'd love for you to be our friend:) Until next summer...


  • Give Thanks and Serve

    Kids with no inhibitions could potentially cause stress for the adults who are working with them. But when you see a child walk up to an elderly person in a wheelchair and throw their arms wide open for a hug, you have to smile and love the impulsive action.

    Today 58 elementary and middle school kids took their Saturday to serve others. Meeting at Highland Park Community Outreach, Urban Arts hosted the fall service project along with Kids that Rock from Kensington Church.  Splitting into three groups, the kids rotated to an outdoor paint activity, an indoor craft project and a music class.  Once the projects were completed, we loaded up and drove over to the Highland Park Nursing Home where the kids sang three songs and presented the crafts they made to the residents of the home.

    Jesus was present and the children's love was abounding!

  • summer camp needs 2011

    Hi Friends,
    In two months, Urban Arts will be running our fourth year of summer camps in Detroit! We are so blessed to be able to continue this ministry and are only able to do so with the Lord's help, your generous gifts and much needed prayers. :)

    Summer camps will run for four weeks this year. We will be partnering with City Mission, Central Detroit Christian, and Highland Park Community Outreach. If you live in the metro Detroit area and are interested in helping during the summer please contact us! The dates for the camps are as follows:

    June 27-July 1
    July 5-9
    July 11-15
    July 18-22

    Also, included below is a list of items that we need for our camps. Most are food items and craft supplies. If you would like to donate and item please contact us here. Gift cards and cash donations are also helpful as we purchase these supplies.

    Supply Needs
    1. Performance Dinner @ City Mission
    ______ taco shells
    ______ 3 large salsas
    ______ 2 large boxes tortilla chips..2bags in each box (found at Sam’s Club or Costco. OR large bags from the grocery store.
    ______ 10 pounds shredded cheese
    ______ 2 cans of Nacho Sauce (found at SAMS or Gordon’s Food Service)
    ______3 large sour creams
    ______ 2 large bags of shredded lettuce (GFS, Sam’s, Costco)
    ______ Box of tomatoes
    ______ 10 envelopes of taco seasoning
    ______ 4 large containers of lemonade mix
    ______ 3 containers PRE-made brownies (Sam’s/Costco/GFS)
    ______ 150 9oz. cups
    ______ 150 plasticware
    ______ 150 dinner plates
    ______ 150 bowls
    ______ dessert plates
    ______ napkins
    ______ 6 large aluminum foil pans
    ______ 6 medium aluminum foil pans
    ______ 35 pounds meat (or money donated to purchase it)
    ______ 250-300 individually wrapped ice cream bars
    ______ 2 large drink containers/dispensers
    2. Craft Supplies
    _____ 40 bags of polyfill pillow stuffing
    _____ 100 pack blank CD’Rs
    _____ Glue sticks
    3. Snacks/Lunches
    ______600 granola bars
    ______ 200-400 Go-gurts
    ______ 200-400 freeze pops
    ______ 200-400 fruit snacks
    ______ 200-400 cheese sticks
    ______ mac & cheese for 100
    ______ spaghetti noodles for 100
    ______ spaghetti sauce for 100
    ______ hot dogs for 100
    ______ hot dog buns for 100
    ______ ranch dressing
    ______ mustard/ketchup
    ______lemonade or koolaid mix

    Please pray for the 200+ kids we will be ministering to this summer! Our theme is "Make Your Mark". We pray that these youth will be trained to live like Jesus and serve Him to "make their mark" on the world they live in.

    Katie Beth Hostetter
    Director, Urban Art Outreach

  • Learning to Serve Others

    How do you teach youth to serve others? Is it something that comes naturally--putting other people before yourself? Most would laugh and say 'No way!'.  So how to we come by this selfless action and attitude? By knowing Christ. Urban Art volunteers do their best to model a servant's attitude for the youth to see.  Serving is showing others' Christ's unselfish love. What better way to teach youth to serve than to give them the opportunity. 

    Saturday was the second "Service Project" day for UA students at HPCO. We partnered with Kids that Rock, a performing arts program from Kensington Community Church.  The children arrived in the morning ready to work! They split into groups and worked on making St. Patrick Day table decorations for the Highland Park Nursing Home as well as practiced several songs they would perform for the residents of the nursing home.   

    After lunch, everyone loaded up and caravan-ed to the nursing home. For some kids it was a stretch to walk into such a different environment: seeing elderly people in wheelchairs, smelling different smells, watching nurses take care of individuals who needed extra TLC. But each child who walked into the building knew why they were there and what they needed to do. Share the love of Christ. With each song that was sung and each table decoration that was made with the residents the smiles on the faces of the kids got bigger and bigger. They enjoyed spending their entire Saturday serving others. This is only the beginning of their young lives and we pray that their heart of service will continue to grow as large as the smiles on their faces when they left at the end of the day.

  • Monday Night Dinners

    We are so thankful for individuals and small groups who take time to make dinners and goodies for the Urban Art students on Monday evenings. This night, a small group from KCC, made sloppy joes, fruit jello, corn and provided drinks and paper products. Thanks you guys!! It was yummie;)

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Summer time in River City

Take a big breath.....now let it out slowly. The third summer of Urban Art camps has just come to a close.  We are ALL smiling! Here's a little recap and some memories for those of you who weren't able to make it.

 We had some "firsts" for our camp this year that we are thrilled to share!

  • We raised enough money to purchase our own portable sound system!
  •  A family donated their time and food to cook hot lunches for several of the camp days. (this was a nice change from brown bag lunches)
  • A missions team of 13 people came from a Christian school in Maryland to help with a week of camp.
  • A puppet theater was built to use for camp this summer.
  • We had a summer intern, Brandon, who helped at three of the camp weeks in the dance department and in other areas.  He is a local high school student who lives in Detroit and had attended UA camps the past two summers.

Week 1: 39 elementary students from City Mission camp to camp the first week. We had a missions team from Grace Brethren Christian School in Maryland come out for the week and work with us.  It was the first time we had a missions team come to assist us and between you and me, this is the way we need to do it from now on!:)  The team did a great job during the day with the kids and came back in the evening with enough energy to help prep for the upcoming camp weeks.  We were excited for the kids to be able to perform at the church next door to City Mission.  The building was given to CM and they have now started a church, City Covenant Church!  Another highlight from the week--the kids wrote and performed original puppet shows based on the fruit of the Spirit.  (they also made their puppets!)  The week ended with our traditional taco dinner for the families.  This year, we ran out of seats! But God was good and we never ran out of any food!

Week 2: We stayed at City Mission for our second week and worked with the middle and high school students.  Although this was a smaller group, due to summer school requirements, we loved the creativity from these kids! This group of campers excel in the art and drama classes. They were split into two groups, guys and girls, and rotated to the different classes.  When they went to drama class each group came up with an original drama based on a moral and Scripture--patience and self-control.  The two dramas were performed on the final evening and they were a big hit!

Week 3: This was the HOTTEST week in the summer and we sweated it out (literally) on the second and third floor of a building with no air with our middle schoolers from Central Detroit Christian.  I was really impressed at how well behaved the kids were this week! (maybe the heat took it out of them:)  They focused on art, music and dance during the week and gave a wonderful performance on Friday afternoon! We've got some talent in this group!

Week 4: Highland Park Community Outreach let us take their kids for a week of camp and we had a blast! Some of our classes were held outside and we were a little nervous due to the forecast, but we dodged the "rainy" forecast every single day! The kids put all of their energy into their work and pumped out a great outdoor performance on Friday afternoon.  We were very pleased at the turn out of parents too!

All in all, it was a great 2010 Summer Camp season!

Even though the summer camps are over, we are looking ahead to the fall for our programs and even starting to talk about next summer! It's never too early to start planning! If you'd like to be part of the process let us know!

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