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  • Give Thanks and Serve

    Kids with no inhibitions could potentially cause stress for the adults who are working with them. But when you see a child walk up to an elderly person in a wheelchair and throw their arms wide open for a hug, you have to smile and love the impulsive action. Today 58 elementary and middle school kids took their Saturday to serve others.

  • Learning to Serve Others

    How do you teach youth to serve others? Is it something that comes naturally--putting other people before yourself? Most would laugh and say 'No way!'.  So how to we come by this selfless action and attitude?

  • Ice Skating at Campus Martius

    Monday night was a beautiful, crisp evening downtown. We took the HPCO kids on a "mystery trip" to go ice skating at Campus Martius. The parents were notified and as the kids were piling in the car the excitement was high!

  • Summer time in River City

  • Summer Camp Volunteers Needed!

  • Summer Camp Recap